London Fun Day

I literally had the best day yesterday (Friday).

Well it began on Thursday night. My Friend Rosie came down from up North (near Manchester) to London (where I live in case your new to my posts). We had a few things planned and was generally excited to see each other and spend time together as we don’t see each other or speak to each other all the time. Rosie met me from work on Thursday and we made our way over to the Royal Albert Hall, where we watched Swan Lake. We both have a history with Dance and I think we would both check it under one of our passions, whether that be watching it or doing it. It’s safe to say Dance has been a huge part of both of our lives and one of the things that brings us together as friends, so seeing Swan Lake was a great was to start our time together. The performance was in the round and we had quite high up (cheap) seats, we had only booked a few days previously so we were lucky to get them and regardless they were perfect for the performance.


The ballet was absolutely Beautiful. I have seen swan lake before, this performance by the English national ballet was incredible and so well done in the round. We both really enjoyed the show. The dancers were all superb and it was really well choreographed and staged. There were 60 Swans making beautiful patterns around the stage, which was not only beautiful to watch but somehow so calming in a way. Maybe that’s just me and my anxiety but orderly patterns and routines really seem to speak to me. Here are the professional photos of the show.

Before Rosie came down she mentioned she would like to go to the Breakfast Club, it’s a chain of restraunts in and around London, they serve all kinds of food but they are probably most known for their pancake breakfasts. I LOVE AMERICAN PANCAKES. I love normal pancakes us Brits cook up every year for pancake day (the best day of the year), I love pancakes. Period. I have been many times, it’s one of my favourite places to eat and not that expensive. So on Friday we headed into the city and went to the Breakfast Club spitalfields. We both had the All American Breakfast with coffee’s and took lots of pictures.

Then I had a little surprise planned for Rosie that she didn’t know about till right before. We went to the Sky Gardens, which is basically a Garden in the Sky. It’s like 35 Floors high and has wonderful views of London. Great place to capture the perfect picture in front of the Shard. We had a look around and took a few pictures and then we sat down and enjoyed beautiful and tasty floral cocktails and people watched. We also took loads of pictures for other people, cause we are nice like that.

After that we casually spent the rest of the day shopping around London, we walked from Piccadilly Circus, up to Oxford Circus and then to Tottenham Court Road. It was fun and we both brought a few bits. I brought a really nice Bag, putse and ticket holder from Cath Kidston. It’s very different from what I would usually wear, as I’m not very colourful in my outfit choices, which is something I have been struggling with recently. When I was younger I used to be more adventurous in my outfit choices as I didn’t really care a such, but as my insecurities and anxieties grew they started to show through my clothing choices and I opted for simple block colours more often and mainly wear black. I have recently started watching a programme called Jane the Virgin and it just made me want to dress more colourfully, as I love Jane’s style and as I have a similar skin tone and figure it’s kind of a guide of what I can wear myself. My mission recently has been to branch out a buy a few different colours. We looked in so many shops and tried so much on but I think my anxiety took over and I got frustrated by the end of it so we eventually gave up.

fullsizerender 5

We ended our trip with sweet potatoe fries and drinks at the bar next to the station before Rosie got her train back. Like I said I literally had one of the best days I’ve had in a Long time. We had so much fun and laughed and talked loads. I have been quite lucky over the last few weeks as I’ve spent lots of good days with friend having great nights out or day trips.

I am very fortune to have some amazing friends who keep me sane and grounded and have stuck with me through all the crazy times. I’m so grateful for them and inspired by them to constantly better myself so for that I thank you all for being you!

It was great to have a day off and really enjoy myself in between all the hard work I’ve been putting into all aspects of life recently. For those of you in London now, I highly recommend seeing Swan Lake in the Round at the Royal Albert hall it’s showing till the 12th of June. In fact if you can see any show there I highly recommend it, it’s such a fantastic venue. If your planning a trip to London, why not visit the Breakfast Club or book a free slot to the Sky Gardens for a great day out.


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