Weekly Update: 23rd – 29th May

It’s been a crazy week, I’ve done so much but somehow neglected my running. I have had lots planned this week so it kinda got pushed to the side, I would feel guilty if I had been laying in bed doing nothing but I’ve (mostly) had a great week.

Due to a certain test, I was a stress head on Monday, I should have run to chill me out a bit but I stayed in revised and got an early night. To cheer me up and take my mind of the awful test I had catch up drinks with a friend on Tuesday, we drank Pimms, laughed and reminisced about our time together at Uni. On Wednesday I did an OK 3.1 miles but stopped and started. On Thursday I danced the night away with Uni friends, so that counts as exercise right?! Friday was brought to you by lack of sleep, so an early night was in order, of course that being after meeting a friend for an awesome meal at Flesh & Buns. Saturday I worked and pampered and Sunday I spent a couple of hours with my best friend in sunny Bristol.  Thanks to everyone who made my week so great!

Have a look at what I’ve gotten up to this week:

So it was a hectic week and I wish I could have squeezed in more running but I had a great social week which I don’t tend to do that often if I’m honest. I also didn’t wear my Fitbit all week, so the obsession With miles died down a bit. I’ve been pretty active, I’ve still been walking every day and getting out on my lunch breaks and eaten like a King. I have plans for the next week as well but I will at least try and get in some 5km’s before my Color Run.

It’s bank holiday Monday now and the effects of a busy week running on no sleep have caught up with me and I’m shattered. I would have liked to go for a run today but life admin got in the way.

Oh well there is always tomorrow.


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