Weekly Update: 16th-22nd May

Does anyone else feel like this month has flown by? I DO.

This weeks been a weird one, successful in some ways but not in others.


I went for a run. I planned on 3 easy miles, as I had one a lot longer than normal the day before. As I set off on my run, everything felt fine, but about half a mile into the run my legs started to feel funny. The only way I can describe it is that my left leg felt normal, the muscles felt like they had been working but relatively normal, my right leg, my calve in particularly, felt like it was tied up in knots. It felt tight like it hadn’t been stretched in a few years, but I had stretched well after my long run the day before and pride myself on my natural flexibility. After speaking to a few people they suggested I may need insoles but I  will look into this further when I have the time. Anyways I ran just over 2 miles and gave up in pain. I stretched long and hard and rolled out my legs. I was very disappointed as I felt like I was just starting to make progress.

Tuesday & Wednesday:

Aside from walking to and from work, WHICH I DID EVERYDAY THIS WEEK! (I’m excited because something always throws me off and I end up missing a day). I rested and caught up with friends these days.


Aerial Day – This was the last of the current course, and I’m choosing not to take the next the next one as I feel like I need to play catch up and get my confidence back. I need to practice what I’ve already learnt and improve my basic skills before I go racing onto the next trick.


Thought I would see how my legs were doing, and went out for a 3.1 miles run (aka 5km) there was a slight ache but nothing detrimental. I actually managed to do my fastest 5km. 30 mins 6 seconds. I was kinda annoyed at the 6 seconds, because tourists and stupid people got in my way but overall was pleased with that. I stopped a few times as well.



I went to the Gym, did some strength training for an hour with a light run for a warm up.


I woke up the biggest stress head on the planet due to an upcoming test I have so I avoided doing anything all day. I did some light yoga and lazed about all day.

Overall this week has been okay. My goal was to drink more water, and I kinda did that. I drank water at times I normally wouldn’t, but I’m still not drinking enough!

My first running event is in 20 days, which is The Color Run. I’m really excited to do it now! I am visiting my friend next Sunday for holiday planning which is also very exciting. I can’t wait to do all my runs, they are coming around so quickly now!


Goal for this week: Match my current 5k best.





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