Weekly Update: 9th-15th May

I’ve had a really positive running week. Rather then go to the gym after work each day I’ve ditched the heavy gym bag and walked home as usual, got my running gear on and had nice evening runs this week! It has definitely pushed me in my training, I find running outside so much more difficult but more effective for finding my own rhythm when running. On a treadmill I find myself sticking to a set pace in order to hit a certain time, when I run outside I find myself going just a bit quicker than my treadmill pace and even when I pause throughout the run I keep better time overall.


Rather than running round the park as I usually do on my outdoor runs I mapped up a route and ran that, the miles seem to fly by which I loved and it was so much easier running towards something.  Just after 2 miles I got to the Albert embankment and took the picture below. I LOVE RUNNING BY THE RIVER!



I’m very lucky where I live in London! I live close to the river which means bridges everywhere! I extended Monday’s route slightly and ran to Lambeth Bridge, kept south of the river and ran home.



Rest day! Still walked 7 miles even though I didn’t walk to work!


Aerial day! It was a good practise!



I was feeling good! Planned to go out for 2 easy miles! Ended up doing 4 miles smashing my previous 5k record! Was pretty happy with that! I did a nice long yoga session to cool down and went to bed pretty pleased with my efforts!


Rest day, walked to the shops and to get food with my sister! Wasn’t as active as I thought I would be but I had to babysit in the evening so couldn’t do any night time yoga or anything!


I was in the worst mood this day, I had a really late night babysitting and was in a bad mood when I went to sleep. Woke up and had a mildly negitive day where I let my anxiety get the better of me! I avoided running all day but finally plucked up enough energy to go at 7pm and did the longest run so far! I listened to a podcast, which was a great distraction! I extended the same route by running the opposite side of the river! I didn’t run faster than previous runs but I did maintain the same pace roughly! I did a great stretch afterwards and appreciated the pinkness of my face(which the picture doesn’t really show!) and my sweat soaked clothes, it had shown I’d worked hard!


Overall a good week, I can’t wait for the next, I’m not going to try to go further just yet I’m just going to try and stick to the same distances as this week!

My goal for next week is all about water, I need to drink more!




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