Treat Yo Self Friday

Recently me and my work friend Nadia vowed to explore more of London on our lunch breaks, because working in the city it’s often the easy option to sit at your desk and eat in the same places and not venture out. We work just off fleet street (every time I say that out loud I sing “The demon barber of fleet street” in my head) so we aren’t far from the strand or St Paul’s cathedral.


We often walk to St Paul’s and look around the shops, sit on the rooftop terrace of one new change or take a stroll to temple gardens and have a picnic in the park. However one week on our exploring Friday we came across Leather Lane market.

Leather Lane Market has so many nice options to eat and drink! The first week we discovered it we were so spoiled for choice we didn’t get all the way to the end of the market. So the next time we returned we were in for a real treat when we discovered the amazing stall called Grill My Cheese.

I can’t say I’ve ever really had a grilled cheese sandwich before this, I think Grilled cheese is more of an american thing, and I’m more accustomed to cheese on toast with a bit of Lea & Perrins sauce!

Well let’s just say Grill My Cheese changed my life! I am in love with their “Baby got Mac” sandwich. Sourdough bread, cheese, Mac ‘n’ cheese, BBQ sauce and Pulled Pork. YUM.


We look forward to visiting every Friday and even go more than once a week if we’re being greedy! We’ve tried a few different options as well but Baby got Mac is still my favorite.

Check them out on Twitter and Instagram @Grill_My_Cheese


We decided to name our Friday’s “Treat Yo Self” Fridays after our joint love for Parks and Rec (I’m still holding out for a Grill my Cheese Special called “Parks and Macreation” and it should include maple syrup and bacon. PAWNEE FOREVER. <3), what I love about our little Friday tradition is that we literally get so excited about it all week and live on salad for the rest of the week as we count down till Friday! It’s surprisingly made me eat better throughout the week and hold off eating out (or badly) in lunchtimes until TREAT YO SELF FRIDAY rolls around again! It’s not our only Friday treat, we often enjoy a a Starbucks or a cheeky Pimms!


Unfortunately I will soon be a Lone wolf on Treat yo Self Friday’s as Nadia is moving back to the Land of Oz. **SAD FACE** I’ll just have to comfort myself with more Grilled Cheese!


If your in London, check them out! I’m off to Leather Lane soon for my weekly Fix!



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