I’m Back!

Apologies for the lack of updates, I’ve been really ill lately and having a rough couple of weeks, which has thrown my training off a little bit. I started getting back into the swing of things last week and now I’m ready to get back on track and push myself towards my goals.

img_9375-1 Before getting ill, I was stuck in a 5k rut and couldn’t improve on that distance very well. I decided I needed to mix things up so I changed the app that I was using. Previously I had been using “map my run” and I have now switched over to “Nike running” which I used for the first time last night. I am going to consistently measure in miles now as I was focusing so much on hitting a good 5km that I wasn’t focusing on the amount of miles I still needed to cover.

Last night I wasn’t feeling great when I got home from work, I sat down and didn’t want to get back up, it was raining and not very inviting weather to run in. I waited a couple of hours and set off for a late run at half past 8. At this time the park was closing so I had to push myself to run elsewhere and find a new route. I just ran! I made it down to the Albert embankment where I took the above picture of the river and Big Ben in the background and then home again. This 3.79MI run took me 40:31. Which is a good steady pace considering I had been sick the last couple of weeks and out of the game. I felt like I could keep going and enjoyed my run.


I also brought some new running toys to motivate me; I got a Flipbelt and a foam roller (yay for them being pink and matching!). The Flipbelt is so handy and so much better than keeping your phone holder on your arm. I especially like the key clip on it as it is elasticated so when I have finished my run I don’t have to fiddle with the clip trying to get the keys off to open the door, I can just pull the keys to it. I love the foam roller, but boy does it hurt! My crazy weeks of illness and accidents has made me want to look after myself a bit more and stretching and foam rolling at the end of my workouts is one small change I’m making to be kind to myself.

Hopefully I’m free from illness for a good long while now and can continue training and sharing my updates with you.




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