Seriously? Why did I think it would be a good idea to run a Half Marathon, why did I think I could do two in a short space of time from each other.



I know I have so much time to train but it’s taking it’s toll on my body and I would like to get over this little slump and get cracking and feel like a runner but I really sadly do not!

I know it’s not my weekly update but I will tell you now, this week has not been great, I’m much preferring my outdoor runs now, so weekday runs are going to pot because I’m either ill or can’t be bothered to go to the gym and get on a treadmill or am not organised enough to make time for it after work.

I’m also disheartened by the lack of positive physical changes I’ve had since I started getting into this training, so far it’s been ache, pains, fainting and dizziness.

Has anyone felt like this when thy started their training?

When did you start to feel like a runner?

Did you ever and if so when, did you start seeing positive changes physically? (I’m not talking about just weight loss here because the goal isn’t really to loose weight).

Does anyone have any other advise of how to get over this small hurdle and back on the motivated track?




3 thoughts on “Demotivated.

  1. Keep at it – you’ll get there! If you have a friend who run’s try and arrange to run together sometime – having some company can definitely help motivate. Also try new routes to keep things fresh! As for the physical changes, you might lose a bit of weight but running probably won’t help much else (like toning etc – you’ll need to do cross-training and strength training for that kinda look), mentally though, running has really picked me up in mood. Yes sometimes its hard and there are bad days/weeks where I feel no motivation (like you feel right now), but overall – I feel so much happier and healthier and less sluggish since I started running. Hopefully you’ll start to see the positive benefits like this too before too long! 🙂

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  2. Physical changes come, but they come when you do regular activity. My runners calves (my favourite benefit from running) took about 6-8 weeks of dedicated running to start showing up. It also helps to just do more activity in general. I lost 70 lbs while I trained for my first half but I was running, weight training and watching what I ate.

    If you are missing a lot of runs, it will always be hard because it is like starting from Day 1 each and every time and everything is always going to hurt. You have to power through. On the really tough days, where I’m fighting the urge to sit on my couch instead of run, I use my fifteen minute rule. Run for 15 minutes…if you still feel crappy, then allow yourself a night off and start again tomorrow. Just don’t use this rule as a cop out to miss a bunch of days…that doesn’t help anything.

    The fainting and dizziness part suggests to me that you are running to intensely. You should be able to somewhat easily hold a conversation while you run. So perhaps slow down, maybe even work in some walk run intervals…and only build mileage or time at 5-10% a week…anything more and you are going waaay to fast.

    I would also set yourself up with some achievable goals. If you are struggling to get daily runs in, maybe shoot for three a week…or some other manageable goal. That will help you feel better mentally and make running seem like less of a drag.

    Eventually it will become fun. I promise! Good luck!

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