Weekly Update: 4th-10th April

Yay! I’m getting back into the swing of things this week. I’m still a bit thrown since fainting last week, and very wary that something could be wrong with my body. I’ve been to the Doctors and had blood tests and an ECG (I was a little bit concern that the doctor was more concerned with my heart than anything else). I’m waiting on results and hopefully there is a cause so I can look to resolving this issue. While I wait I got back into routine and hit a new goal this week.



Total Miles: 10.99

I did a 5 km run today on the treadmill as well as a walk to a from work. My paces on the treadmill is currently sitting under 11:30 min miles which makes me very happy because that’s a good average pace which is what I’m aiming for, so I can fully appreciate the race days. After my run on the treadmill, I did some strengthening exercises for my legs.


Total Miles: 7.12

I walked to and from work but gave the gym a miss today.


Total Miles: 13.26

I walked to and from work and managed a 6.5 km run. I’m aiming to push myself a little harder over the next few weeks to get out of the 5km rut that I’m in. It was a struggle this run but so worth it. This was also one of the quickest paces I’ve ever done at 11:08 mins per mile (I’ve done 11:06 once before in February).


Total Miles: 7.13

Aerial Day, was the last in the block and was sad to see some of my aerial friend leave the class this lesson. From now on the dynamic of the classes may change so I’m apprehensive of how that may effect me and my training.


Total Miles: 8.58

I walked to and from work and walked a lot during work. On Lunch time’s on Fridays we explore the local area and Treat ourselves to a nice lunch, I will probably write a post on this soon. So watch this space.


Total Miles: 3.65

I had a totally lazy weekend, I’ve spent most of it in Bed watching TV (Parks and Rec) and feeling sorry for myself (thats another story). I did go out for a bit, I walked into Clapham, got my nails done and did some food shopping.


Total Miles: 5.96

Lazy day, food prepping and work week prepping had to be done so didn’t do as much as I had hoped to do. However I did get outside for a run and managed a 7km run. I didn’t stop for the first 3km (except at the traffic lights as after like 2 mins of running on the spot I felt like an absolute idiot), I mixed up the route, starting and ending with the normal route through the park but ran toward Central London for a km and then back again in the middle. I stopped many times towards the second half of the run, I gave myself breaks and kept well hydrated and felt like I was doing a really terrible run.In actual fact, My Overall pace was about 11:15 per mile, which isn’t much different to my treadmill time from Monday, so I was pleased with my time even though I stopped so much.


(^^my face when I finished my run)


Weekly Total : 56.69

I am now a third of the way to the Half Marathon distance. I’m going to keep pushing myself to get out of the 5km rut build on my stamina. 62 days until my first race of the year… the 5km Color Run which should be fun and easy if I keep pushing for further distances. I’ve also ordered a foam roller and flip belt, so they should arrive soon and I will be able to tell you all about those too!

Please see my previous post on my running goals!



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