Weekly Update: 28th March – 3rd April

Hello All,

Thanks for continuously tuning into these weekly update even though nothing much is happening at the moment. After the Bank Holiday weekend and a true lazy day on Monday, I thought I would be able to ease straight back into my routine again… I was wrong! My Body decided that it hates me and wanted to publicly humiliate me by fainting on a London bus in rush hour.

I’ve fainted many times before, so I can feel them coming, so I had enough time to turn around and tell the women behind me I was probably going to fall on her if I were to pass out. A lovely lady offered me her seat, while I took my layers off and rested again the rail in front of me. I was sweating like crazy and very dizzy but hadn’t passed out yet, I sat for a good 10 mins before fainting, which I awkwardly fell into the lap of the passenger next to me. Lots of Lovely people offered me water but I refused to get off the bus and get fresh air because I really needed to be at work on time.

After this I decided to give the gym a miss, even though I’d made it through a day at work, I was still pretty shaky and not totally myself. This carried on the rest of the week and once again I haven’t done any running training.

However I did make it to Aerial on Thursday (still a little shaky) and felt like the rest from the training had done me well for a week. I was feeling quite disheartened about my progress with aerial before my bank holiday weekend off, so I was happy to come back and actually achieve something in the lessons.


I plan to have a good practise this week where I can go over everything I’ve learnt and maybe instil a bit more confidence in my skills and abilities. Hopefully that will give my progression a push in the right direction.

I’m aiming to get back on the running this week but take it easy (thank god I started this training WAY in advance), I have blood tests as well to see what all this shaking and fainting is about!


Also, great news… Our trains and hotel are all booked for our trip to Paris and the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. 174 days to go.




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