Weekly Update: 14th March-20th March

Hi all,

Just a quick update to show you what I’ve been up to this week, it’s been a busy one with work and things. Sorry this update isn’t very detailed, one thing I will say though is I’m starting to get annoyed with my Fitbit. It’s really inaccurate. I know my walk to work is roughly about 3.2 miles, some days I’m getting to work and my Fitbit is reading 2.99 miles. I think I will invest in a new tracker in a few months time.


Total Miles: 11.27

Walk to work, 6km in 43 Mins on the treadmill. Nice pace of 11″32″. Walked home. Good Day!


Total Miles: 10.44

Walk to and from work, and did a nice 30 minute run. I managed just under 3 miles.


Total Miles: 8.19

Planned Rest Day, I walked to and from work.


Total Miles: 6.94

Aerial day, I walked to work, and just missed my 7 mile daily target. Aerial was OK, I’m struggling a bit but hopefully this will improve soon.


Total Miles:  7.37

Walk to and from work, disappointed I didn’t make it to the gym this day but I was a busy bee.


Total Miles: 6.18

Had a nice morning walk around London, then I got real sick, so my plans to dance the night away were ruined.


Total Miles: 10.37

Did a real early 6 km outside run, It took me 42 minutes in which I spent the first 2 minutes just trying to get my iPhone in the arm pouch. I paired this with a Yoga warm up and cool down from a YouTube video.  It’s called Yoga with Adriene and She does a great runner warm up and cool down.

Check out the Yoga Videos here.

In the Evening I walked too and from the hairdressers and the restaurant I went for dinner.

Weekly Total : 60.77

Overall It was quite a good week. I’m still trying to focus on my eating which is hard, and I’m slowly realising what works for me and what doesn’t. It’s Easter weekend next weekend and I will be on a little trip to Manchester which I’m sure will involve alcohol and lots of food! 





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