Learning things now I wish I’d learnt before.

“The more I focus on myself, value my own needs, and work on my shortcomings, the less the opinions of others mean to me. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s OK.” – Gillian Jacobs

Read Lenny Letter Article here.

Today I’m in a weird head space and I didn’t know what to write. I want to share with you something that I read, a contribution to Lenny Letter by Gillian Jacobs, who some of you may know from the TV show community.

I found this a really interesting read, and some of the things she said have really resonated with me. The feeling of trying to impress others but somehow falling short, and finding the ability to discover yourself and be authentically you without caring too much of what other’s think of you.

“When I bottle my feelings up inside, they grow louder in the echo chamber of my mind, but when I force myself to say, “I’m afraid,” they dissipate as others say, “Me too.”” –Gillian Jacobs

I really like reading articles from Lenny Letter and I’m a great believer of women in all industries paving the way for others and creating change. I also think the more women openly talk about things especially celebrities it gives a voice to us “normal” people and make you feel somewhat less alone in your problems and maybe that these celebrities have far more in common with you then you might realise.

I look up to women in show business setting a good example for others, I especially like comedians because a lot of the time what makes them great has often come from a place in their life when things haven’t been so great. Female comedians especially are able to take their experiences not many other women talk about and use their platform to openly express the truths of being a women.

My biggest regret is that I didn’t spend my younger years being more authentic and speaking up for what I believed in. If I had cared less about what people thought of me I probably would have learnt all the thing I’m learning about myself now a lot earlier, been truer to myself and chased by dreams. It would have changed my life in drastic ways.


Have any of you experienced something like this? Is there something you wished you’d learnt about yourself earlier?



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