Weekly Update: 7th March-13th March

Sometimes you just have to give in and say I can’t do this today. Unfortunately this week there was a lot of this. I have also eaten terribly this week, I have a bad habit of comforting myself with food. I’m looking at you dairy milk Oreo, and Maryland cookies.


Total Miles: 4.5

As I said last week in my update, I woke up on Sunday with a stinking cold.  I felt so horrible waking up on Monday that I jumped on a bus and didn’t walk to work. After work I went to the gym, got on the treadmill, ran about 15 minutes and gave up. I was too ill and just making myself feel worse. I got on the bus home and decided to call it a day.


Total Miles: 7.35

I was determined to walk to work, I feel terrible if I don’t. I’m one of those people that doesn’t like calling in sick to work unless I’m dying. When I got to work I was advised by my colleagues not to go for a run after work, after some convincing I decided today would be a miss as well, but I walked home!


Total Miles: 4.95

“Planned” Rest Day – I walked to work but not home, still ill.


Total Miles: I forgot to put my Fitbit on, woops!

Aerial Day. I struggle with confidence and self belief. I have enough voices in my head telling me I’m not good enough, but I have never ever in such a short space of time been told how wrong or incorrect I was and made to feel (by someone other than myself) that I was not good enough. Without going into to much detail, I feel horrible and defeated with my progression in Aerial. I’m going to chalk it down to a bad week, so lets hope this improves.


Total Miles: 10.5

Happy Fri-yay! Finally managed to get back to myself. I didn’t walk to work but I spent my lunch break walking around the St Paul’s area. I went to the gym and did a 5km run at a pace of 11″15. It was tough, but worth it. I walked home and was very happy to be back on track.


Total Miles: 9.8

I worked at my part time job. So no walking as its too far and too early in the morning to walk that far. I did a really bad 4km run after work at a pace of 12″04. I was really disappointed I couldn’t run further as I need to break away from the 5km’s and start building some distance. My right knee has started to hurt when I run which is leaving me a bit worried so if anyone has any advice about knees for running let me know. In the evening I walked to and from Brixton to meet friends for food.


Total Miles: 5

Hooray, progress is being made. So not a massive deal but a small victory for me. I did my Sunday outside run in the most glorious weather. The sun has never felt so good on my face. In total I did 5km in 35 mins, I think I’m stuck on that pace now! I managed 3.5km before stopping, and even after than I never let myself stop complely , I just took it down to a walk for no longer than 30 secs before getting back into a run! It was such a nice day for it so glad I got up and made the effort.


Weekly Total : 42.13

Despite being ill, it’s not been that bad of a week. I have eaten terribly though, so that might be something to work on. No more snacking at my desk. The second half of the week was great! I’m feeling really positive about this whole running thing. Next week I’m going to focus on progression!




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