Weekly Update: 29th Feb – 6th March

Happy Monday.


I am going to start giving weekly updates about my training, although my planned events are a long way off, I think it will be a great way to track my progress. I am only at the beginning of my running training so please excuse that I’m not doing lengthy runs at a great pace yet. I use a combination of Map my Runs and a Fitbit to track my daily exercise.


Total Miles: 12.45

I clocked up a few miles walking to and from work most days, it’s gets me to my 7 mile daily target (when I say from work, I mean from the gym by work most days), and anything else is extra. I did a 5k/3.1m Treadmill Run, it took me 40 mins at an average 12″37″ pace. It was only maybe a week previous to this that I had done my first 5k treadmill run without stopping. This is a huge achievement for me personally as before I had no motivation or willpower to keep going.


Total Miles: 11.09

I find Monday and Tuesday the easiest days to hit the gym. I go to one that is local to my work and am normal there by 5.45 and out an hour later. I don’t like to do too long as I try to walk home which takes around an hour. Today I did another 5k/3.1m Treadmill Run, it took me 35 mins without stopping at an average pace of 11″15″. I ideally would like to be able to do this pace for an entire half marathon run but I am far off that yet.


Total Miles: 3.85

Rest Day – I didn’t walk to work either so I didn’t even hit my goal for the day.


Total Miles: 7.12

Aerial Day – I didn’t run so my miles aren’t very high. I walked to work and managed to clock up some more miles walking around work and walking on lunch. Aerial is such a physically tough work out which engages your whole body.


Total Miles: 12.78

Again I walked to and from work and hit another Treadmill Run for 3 miles for 35 mins at a 11″40″ pace. I was extremely happy I managed to do another run on a weekday as I’ve struggled to manage that in previous weeks. I also


Total Miles: 5.93

Rest Day

I worked my part time job in a gym which is on my feet for 4 hours, I walk around in a circle for most the shift and seems to keep me active. I did a half an hour walk from Clapham Common to home after work (1.6 miles) but unfortunately didn’t meet my daily goal.

I would ideally like to meet at least 7 miles a day even on rest days.


Total Miles: 10.9

I woke up with a stinking cold. I could have easily stayed in bed but chose to get up and run OUTSIDE. I ran 4k in 28 minutes. I don’t enjoy running outside yet, I find it way more difficult and had to stop a couple of times. The first time I stopped was after 2k so I was pleased I managed that far. I ran around Kennington park a few times and ran to my local Tesco to get my food shopping. I walked home but I’m not sure how far that was. Later on in the day I walked to Clapham to meet my mum which is roughly 1.6 miles, I recently gave her a gym membership so we went to the gym and spa to try everything out and introduce her to everything there. We did 10 mins Treadmill, 10 mins Rowing Machine, 10 mins Elliptical and a few weight exercises. It wasn’t a full out training session as I was with my mum and just trying to get her accustomed to the gym. I was really proud of how hard she tried and that she has her own fitness goals to work towards. I will be attending more classes with her now that she has started the gym but will primarily be focused on running. After the gym and spa we had a lovely Greek meal for Mother’s Day and walked home (1.6miles).


Weekly Total : 64.11 miles

My Aim is to hit 7 miles a day even if it just a walk.







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