Throwback Thursday… Disneyland Paris.

Last Year I visited Disneyland Paris, it was my first and only Disney Parks Experience. Till then I didn’t realise how much of a Disney fan I was.


We went at the beginning of March. Me and my friend Charlotte, who’d been a few times and was a great tour guide. We arrived in Paris on a Sunday morning, checked into the Radisson Blu hotel  and spent the afternoon seeing the sights of Paris!

Our hotel was amazing, we got a really great deal! I was so amazed how close everything is in the Disneyland Paris area. We excitingly went to bed early on the Sunday night, ready for two full days in the Disneyland Paris parks.


I loved everything about the parks. The highlights of the trip were the Parade and the Fireworks.

My favourite rides were the Tower of Terror and the finding Nemo ride. We went on them so many times.

The only character we met was Mickey, we saw others around but was too shy to go up to them or they were too busy.

My only dispointment was that I didn’t stay in a Disney themed hotel and I’m gutted I won’t be staying in one for the Half Marathon weekend either (we are doing it on the cheap again). I think staying in a Disney hotel will be an experience I will save for my future trip to Florida.

I’m looking forward to going to all the other parks in the future.







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