All about Aerial

What I love most about my current job is the routine of 9-5 Monday to Friday. Prior to this I had always had jobs that were shift work and I could never get into a routine of committing to regular exercise. Now that I have started this new job, I’m finding it so much easier to make time to work out and enjoy it!
In September 2013 I was struggling with what I wanted to do professionally, I took some time to study again but eventually that didn’t work out for me. I was struggling to figure out what I was passionate about. I was given the opportunity to take a 10 week course in Aerial Trapeze.

The course was filled with people of all ages groups and abilities trying out something new. All though I had experience dancing from a young age, Aerial (Dance) was something completely different to me, and challenging in a whole new way.

Here is me doing one of the earlier Trapeze classes; I was very nervous at first, there was a lot of swearing and falling over.

Alongside my Trapeze course, I decided to do a week long Dancers intensive course. I did a week of Aerial skills including Hoop, Spanish Web and Silks. It was so much tougher doing it every day as opposed to once a week but I made it through only crying about 8 times during the week.
At the end of both these courses I got to show case my skills. I got to do a small show at the end of my 10 week course and a show reel at the end of my Dancers intensive course. At the time and in the head space I was in I felt nothing but negativity about my performance, looking back at it now I couldn’t be more proud of myself for doing it. I became a stronger person for taking both these courses and challenging myself in a new way.


After the course finished I faced my next battle… Money. It’s all well and good having these hobbies but working part time I couldn’t afford them. Instead I opted to do a cheaper class on the ground! I studied Contortion, which at first was hard and very, very painful and yet again there was a lot of falling over but I met some incredible people and had the best time. I did this all the way until December 2014 and got quite good if I do say so myself!
Here’s me and my friend Becks in contortion…

2015 brought a year of finding myself professionally, I had to give up contortion to be flexible to work shifts in various different jobs and strived to make money and progress. It was a tough year but by November 2015 I had secured my current 9-5 Job and was finally able to get back my training time. I immediately signed back up to Aerial Hoop! The school I train at moved locations and is a bit further for me to travel to but was worth it to be able to do it again.
I’m currently 12 weeks into training again, and as much as it’s difficult getting back into it, I’m so happy to be doing it again and so proud of what my body can do even when I don’t personally feel it’s at it’s best.
Here is me a couple of weeks ago…

I’m hanging by my ankles, no big deal!
I’m really excited to be doing aerial, it’s a great way to keep fit and would recommend it to anyone.
My friend Becks is a runner and also does Aerial, she says it’s a great way to cross train in preparation for my Half Marathon. So expect to see more updates about my aerial training too.



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