Ready, set, GO!

My Name is Megan and I’m 24 Years old

At this point I would like to disclose that I do not consider myself a writer, and I apologise in advance for any mistakes or poor writing skills.

I am starting this blog primarily to document my journey to my First ever Half Marathon. I am a person who has spent many unhappy years fighting with body confidence and self esteem, and slowly but surely I’ve managed to piece myself back together from a pretty low point. It’s seems like the natural step to set myself a challenge.


I started the new year by giving up chocolate and trading in my Oyster card for a pair of trainers and a fitbit, and walking to work everyday. The journey from my house to work is 3.5 miles and most days I try to walk to and from work. I used my Fitbit to track my steps and distance and quickly realised that if I didn’t walk to work I was barely doing any physical activity. I added the gym into the mix and was hitting 10-12 miles a day walking and running on the treadmill. It was such a small but positive change. I successfully gave up chocolate for a whole month, but was disappointed to see no physical changes. Annoyed and disheartened I decided to do a cleanse (Forever Living C9) and successfully completed 9 days loosing 4lbs and a couple if inches. This woke me up to my diet and also helped me understand my body. The biggest thing I took from the cleanse was that I do not drink enough water! The cleanse really helped my skin, gave me an energy boost and shifted the couples of pounds I needed to get me started and motivated. Whilst on the cleanse I did my first outdoors run of the year, I did 4 miles one Saturday morning and realised how challenging 13.1 miles was going to be, but it was the kick up the bum I needed to get me going!

Since finishing the cleanse I’ve now been focusing on enjoying exercising and working towards my goals. I felt like I needed a more fun goal to get me going so I signed up to do the Disneyland Paris Inaugural half marathon.

My first ever running event.

And this is where my NEW journey to fitness begins…



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